The Ideal Visitation Group


Fall is upon us: the leaves are changing, football returns, and the temperatures are cooler. It is my favorite time of year in Pennsylvania. However, this year I get to add another exciting thing to the fall schedule. Starting in September our sermon series will take an in depth look at each of the four disciple making groups. In September we will focus on what makes for an ideal visitation group.

In my view, the most important thing to know and remember as you seek to connect people to God is this: know what you don’t know. This humble revelation must be the cornerstone, otherwise, we risk assuming we are the solution and we may risk taking on a role better suited for someone else. You and I know the feeling. We are all too ready to point out the fault and vocalize what should have happened. Some of us do this while watching football, while watching our kids playing, and even when observing someone else’s driving.

This impulse appears to be at best instructive but this impulse, at it’s core, can also reveal our belief in ourselves. We think we would have acted differently. We usually mean well, however, placing ourselves in that position with all its conditions will most often reveal what we don’t know or could not consider as an observer. So instead of looking to take their place, it helps to tackle challenges together, admitting that we can’t solve it all. Instead, we can cheer them on, be a loving companion, and offer grace when mistakes are made.

Of course, this can come at great personal cost so we will also discuss the importance of knowing the cost before committing. After all the priority is not the number of people in the net; people don’t like filling quotas. Instead of breadth the goal is depth. People who attend church and bible studies are motivated by a desire for depth. A depth for deeper relationships, deeper understanding and deeper devotion. I can’t wait to get started! God bless friends, shalom.

Ross Judy