Valor and Grit


“We can be gritty and persistent together.”

In May we will jump into a sermon series called “Valor and Grit.” Now, when we think of valor and grit, we may think of our armed forces. This is not far off from what we will be discussing. Valor is a sense of bravery, acting justly, with a great willingness to step out in faith. Grit is the other side of this coin. Grit is persistence, a raw determination to keep going. To see how this applies to your faith life we will look back and reflect on what has brought us to this moment.

In the Bible we see our God confront the powerful Egyptian empire so that he can free his people, he leads a homeless Israel to their own nation, he leads David to victory over a Goliath, he closes the mouths of lions, he defeats death as the light and hope of the world. Time after time God persists, risking rejection, even going so far as to take on suffering and death so that we can enjoy life eternal.

So, God is undeniably gritty. How many times has God reached down and interceded on our behalf? Can we begin to count? God’s persistence after our heart and ongoing works toward our redemption is difficult to fathom. God’s love is immense, and his willingness to initiate contact is historically unmatched. All throughout the bible we see God at work with unmatched spirit and audacity. So with the breadth and depth of God’s persistence in mind we can now better appreciate what it means to be made in God’s image! Just think, how is God’s passion and persistence mirrored through your life?

            For our young people, think about your opportunities to be courageous. How many opportunities have you had to live out your faith before others? I’m reminded of a young Jesus who, after being left at the temple by his parents, was discovered at the temple teaching God’s word. For our mid-life folks, think of the opportunities you have had to defend and care for the least of us. Think of how many of us have sacrificed to ensure the freedoms that we enjoy now! Jesus showed his willingness to sacrifice even his life on the cross. With immense grit he endured the grave through to his resurrection! Let’s also think about our fathers, mothers, and elderly. How have they, through their persistence, been able to create and ensure an enduring legacy?

            Clearly, we all need to be brave now and then. Thankfully, we don’t need to be brave on our own. God provides an advocate, the Holy Spirit, to walk with us. Furthermore, we can be gritty and persistent together. That should make us all feel a little braver. After all, if God is for you, then who could be against you? Although, if we are honest with each other, we can admit how helpful it would be to see what others have done with this bravery. Therefore, this May we will look through the book of Acts to see how the first disciples, emboldened by the Holy Spirit, were able to persevere with Valor and Grit! 

Ross Judy