Season the Season


Season the Season

Here we are friends, the season of Christmas. A season to remember, to give thanks, and give in kind. In this season, we are to season this season with the hope of the Messiah, sharing the love of God, the Joy of Salvation and the peace it provides.  Christmas reveals our hope and anticipation of Jesus. We want to celebrate and show our excitement for God’s defeat of sin and death! He has reversed our sins, meeting us with grace instead.

So, we drag out lights from the basement or attic to be strung up outside, thus bringing light to the darkness. Many of us will drag a prickly tree indoors so that it may be cloaked with ornaments in the center of our home all season long. This represents our prickly selves being covered by God’s grace, a covering afforded through great sacrifice. Our faith and God’s grace is so often invisible to others, so in this season we want everyone to see and find belief. That is the reason behind this most celebrated season!

God poured out into us a gift we could never repay, so with that same spirit we seek to give gifts that celebrate what God has done, is doing, and will do. In wanting to be like Jesus, we too will give of ourselves all we are able. Therefore, let us reclaim the reason for this season. Jesus gave it all in support of the mission of salvation, therefore we shall tithe toward the transformation of our community. Jesus, the king of peace, will come again, therefore we shall be patient and peaceful with one another. Let us do all we can to offer the same comfort and Joy that we have found in Christ Jesus our Lord!

May God’s light shine upon you this Christmas season!

Ross Judy