The PUMC Youth Group is a group of teenagers and leaders who are all learning to love God and love others the best we can! The best part is… we get to walk this journey together! With lots of laughs, plenty of questions, and occasionally some tears, we grow in faith together as we get closer to Jesus and begin to look more like Him. Jesus meets and accepts each and every one of us where we are, and He loves us too much to leave us there.


Youth Group is most Sundays during the school year from 6:30-8:30pm for youth grades 7-12. Youth Group is where we apply what we're learning about being a follower of Jesus. It's also where we play games, hang out, worship, pray, and so much more! Here is the Summer Schedule of Youth Events.

Growth Group is at 10 a.m. on Sundays for youth grades 7-12. Here we play some games to wake up (because 10am is early on weekends! I get it!), connect with each other, and get into the Bible together through lessons, videos, discussions, and more! KNOWN, is happening now! This class sub-title is “Being Real in a Digital World” and is open to both youth and young adults.

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Questions?  Email the Youth Director, Jess Feldmann at:
Or call the church office at:  (717) 757-3216

THRIVE is our current holistic health series designed for youth and young adults (roughly ages 12-30)! Activities and information have that age group in mind, but all who are interested in learning more about 3 critical areas of health and wellness are invited to join! Our physical, mental, and spiritual health are all so important, and so intertwined! If we are neglecting one area, chances are the others are suffering too.

Join us at any of the activities listed above to hear the beautiful plan God has for YOUR health, and to learn practical (and often fun!) ways you can strive to be healthier and truly thrive in life!